Top 20 NuGet file Packages

MongoDbContext enables .NET developers to work with a MongoDb database using .NET objects.
This add 2-way synchronization capability to your .NET apps that use our Ultimate FTP, SFTP, ZIP or File System libraries.
Log information to file support format: markdown,txt
Blazor Component wrapper for FileSaver.js
A tree structure drawers for console applications.
Simple lock file implementation
An easy to use library for parsing files.
Compression (Deflate / GZip) module for Microsoft OWIN self host web server. With this module you can compress, deflate / gzip large files (like concatenated *.js or *.css files) to reduce amount of web traffic.
A library to abstract file access to disc images. Supports Iso, Udf.
This package contains file-system extension for the CG.IO namespace. Platforms supported: .NET 4.61 or above .NET Standard 2.0 or above
Contains an implementation of a Reader/Write sink for Azure Blob and File Storage for the Invisionware Settings Library
This client library enables working with the Local FileSystem Blob service for storing binary/blob data. A very simple Wrapper for the Local FileSystem to handle directory instantiations. A library to abstract storing files to Local FileSystem. Wrapper library is just written for t...
Flexible memory cache with backing cache of files, SQLite, or SQL Server. Compatible with .NET Framework, .NET Core, .NET Standard. Ready for your Xamarin or Internet of Things project.
A package containing several file related utilities.
Extension on IniWrapper that uses Ini-parser library to parse ini files.
Cross-platform library providing exclusive lock on file, with timeout functionality. Based on:
Azure.Data.Wrappers Class Library
Simple cross-platform plug-in that allows you to pick files from the filesystem (iCloud drive in case of iOS) and work with them.
Module which attaches to logging events and writes the information to a file.
FileStorage Azure