Top 20 NuGet fabric Packages

This is a fork from Michel Moreira package ( We modified it to not report unobserved exception as non-fatal instead of Crash. Check our github to ensure that this is the behavior you want for your app
Build tools for distributing beta builds of Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS projects using Fabric
Provides developers with libraries for the fabric admin under AzureStack to manage fabric infrastructure.
CQRS, DDD and EventSourcing on Service Fabric
Sometimes you use Service Remoting, sometimes you use HTTP and sometimes you use both. This library has transformations from Service Remoting URIs to reverse proxy URIs and vice versa.
Minio for Service Fabric is an open source and high performance distributed object storage server with Amazon S3 compatible API
ServiceFabric.BackupRestore adds backup and restore features to your Reliable Stateful Services in Service Fabric. How to use this package:
The official, fluent Fabric API client.
ServiceFabric.Extensions.Configuration use Service Fabric configuration packages as source for ASP.NET Core configuration system
Simple event loop and service implementing an event loop for Service Fabric.
Bootstrap for Service Fabric Stateful Services
Bootstrap for Service Fabric Stateless Services
Bootstrap for Service Fabric Reliable Actors
Package to facilitate bootstrapping Reliable Services that require Reliable Collections upon construction.
Service Fabric communication library that can be used with AutoRest generated client libraries.
OBSOLETE, use NickDarvey.ServiceFabric.AspNetCore.Configuration instead. A library that unites Service Fabric's config packages and ASP.NET Core's configuration.
Implements IReliableStateManagerReplica, ITransaction, IReliableDictionary, and IReliableQueue. The collections maintin the same semantics as Service Fabric, including transaction commits and aborts, concurrency, and timeouts.
ServiceFabric.HttpClient is a small http client communication library for Azure Service Fabric.
FeatureToggle provider for storing feature toggles in Service Fabric configuration packages.
Obsolete, use Microsoft.Orleans.ServiceFabric. This is now a dummy package which pulls in the updated package.