Top 20 NuGet external Packages

A Home Assistant library for .NET Standard that allows access to the Home Assistant external API. Supports core config, states, services, events, error log, and more.
Open external maps to navigate to a specific geolocation or address. Option to launch with navigation option on iOS as well.
Library that utilises multiple APIs (in case some are down) to find public IP addresses.
Module currently contains only one method wich returns information about external IP address. To retrieve this information it calls address.
NoIP library
This is a library about Aliyun SDK.
This is a library about JSON serialization based Newtonsoft.Json.
This is a library about Redis SDK.
Imitates a SonicWALL appliance for development of an external authentication server (captive portal).
This library contains core infrastructure logic that depends on external libraries.
ExternalTemplates for AspNet
Library containing models to interact with SonicOS by SonicWALL for external authentication
A libary which support sort large file in external memory with merge sort!
ExternalTemplates for Mvc
This library is used to simplify the pipeline to use external cookie identity as application identity directly.
ASP.NET 5 External Cookie Library
Provide server side utilities and for networking .NET related projects such as: Discover your own external address.
C# library to run external programs in a saner manner
Fix for EPiServer link item properties window: when external URL is set and it equals to one of configured hostnames for EPiServer site - you have an exception.