Top 20 NuGet error Packages JavaScript logger.
ErrLog.IO is an exception and error logging tool
Create an issue on Azure Boards when a new error is logged on
Package allows to easily configure exception handling in the application. Configuration is done in Startup.cs class using extension methods from IApplicationBuilder
ErrLog.IO is a .Net Core 2 and Javascript exception and error logging tool - collecting errors from your applications and providing developers with a full stack and environment output to help diagnose the cause of any .Net Core error. Learn more about Errlog.IO at
Some base classes to include in almost every larger C# project
This project allows to you capture JavaScript errors while running tests with WebDriver.
JsTrace allows you to heavily instrument your JavaScript code without flooding the console with messages. It has "Trace Levels" (off, error, warn, info, debug, log), which allow you to fine-tune what amount of trace information comes out of each area or module of your code. It additionally supports ...
XML ErrorLog Provider for ELFAR.
Automatically creates Elmah database on SQL server using Entity Framework migrations. No manual configuration of database required.
Adds support for sending crash reports to your C++ native Windows app.
Fast and comprehensive logging tool for .NET applications, designed for always-on logging. FieldLog allows applications to write events, data and errors (including structured exceptions with lots of details) to managed and efficient log files. The logging methods are optimised for high performance ...
An persistence provider for Elmah using Shaolinq
Features implementations of some of the usual suspects from functional programming: option type (Maybe<T>), error types (Result<T, TError>, Outcome<T> and Fallible<T>) for Railway Oriented Programming, simple disjoint union (Either<T1, T2>), (finite and infinite) sequence generators and LINQ extensi...
ErrLog.IO is an exception and error logging tool
Easy Debugging and Monitoring for APIs with native support for REST, GraphQL, Ethereum Web3, and more. Supports .NET, Java, Node, Python, Ruby, PHP, etc
Facilitador multilaser
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ELMAH with configuration for getting started quickly on a MongoDB database as the error log. NB requires manual configuration. NOTE: The format of the log files has changed, please use a new collection or clear existing entries before using this version.
Error Logging Filter and Route (ELFAR) for ASP.NET MVC was inspired by and based on the popular Error Logging Modules And Handlers (ELMAH) for ASP.NET utility. ELFAR retains the familiar ELMAH user interface but has been built to utilise the architecture of ASP.NET MVC.