Top 20 NuGet entity-framework Packages

A simple library for partial entity changes in ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core.
With EF.DbContextFactory you can resolve easily your DbContext dependencies in a safe way injecting a factory instead of an instance itself, enabling you to work in multi-thread contexts with Entity Framework or just work safest with DbContext following the Microsoft recommendations about the DbCont...
An NLog database target that is configurable via an Entity Framework connection string.
Cormo module that sets up EntityFramework fully-configured with Dependency Injection and other Cormo goodness, zero fuss and zero-config
Supports events for entity inserting, inserted, updating, updated, deleting, and deleted. Also events on insert failure, update failure, and delete failure.
Provides an ApplyChanges extension method for DbContext that sets EntityState on trackable entities, so they can be saved in a single transaction as part of a batch update.
ASP.NET Web uygulamalarını daha hızlı geliştirmek için en küçük web frameworkdür. The smallest web framework to develop ASP.NET Web applications faster.
Entity Framework Core refresh token store for JWT Simple Server
WebBackgrounder.EntityFramework is an implementation of the IJobCoordinator for WebBackgrounder that uses a Database (via EF Code First) as the synchronization mechanism (aka a mutex) for coordinating jobs.
A provider that allows tracing Entity Framework queries and updates.
Get typed access to the `OriginalValue`s of your entity properties. Simple and complex properties are supported, navigation/collections are not.
A provider that allows caching Entity Framework queries and updates.
Change-tracking utility for client applications that wish to transmit entities to a web service for batch updates.
A toolkit for writing Entity Framework provider wrappers.
Assembly containing ITrackable interface and TrackingState enum.
Data access utilities for ADO.NET and Entity Framework
Entity Framework integration for JSONAPI.NET, including an EntityFrameworkMaterializer and ApiController to highly automate building JSON API web services from EF6+ data models.
Integration library for Entity Framework for the Nerve Framework
Provides an asynchronous operations over the original Vibrant.QuerySearch library.
Ofl.Data.Abstractions implementation registrations in Autofac