Top 20 NuGet email Packages

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A library for easy email sending
An Email sending library
To easily send mail
Package Description
Notif.Email - email notificaions for .NET Standard
Notif.Abstractions - notificaion abstractions for .NET Standard
This is a simple package that implements razor views rendering to string.
This is a simple package that implements sending email.
Envio de e-mails via smtp usando o MailMessage do
SMTP mailing service using DotLiquid as templating engine, supporting poco viewmodels as well as anonymous objects.
Inscribe's logging provider for Entity Framework Core. Useful for logging application errors in a database.
Inscribe's logging provider for emailing. Useful for sending out messages for critical application errors.
Logging provider abstraction for .NET's logging API.
Logging provider base for .NET's logging API.
Registers EmergenceGuardian.OntraportApi in an ASP.NET Core Web project to add API-managed marketing automation
.NET Marketing Automation Strongly-Typed API via Ontraport