Top 20 NuGet elmish Packages

Fabulous for Xamarin.Forms v2
Fabulous v2
SAFE Stack Template
A type-safe functional wrapper for SignalR and .NET clients
An alternative view rendering API for Fabulous that is easy to use and simple to read, inspired by Elmish on the web.
Code generator for wrapping existing controls to be able to use them in Fabulous-based frameworks
A type-safe functional wrapper for SignalR, Fable, and Elmish
Hot Module Replacement for Elmish apps
Elmish.Bridge adapter to enable use in Feliz.Recoil.
Template for SAFEr Web App
Elmish extensions for Fable apps targeting web browsers
Debugger for Elmish apps
Elmish extensions for writing Fable apps with React and ReactNative
Client part of Elmish.Bridge
A library inspired by Elm ports. This is to simplify the interaction between JavaScript and F#.
Elm architecture for .NET apps. 100% less XAML.
Giraffe server for Elmish.Bridge
F# bindings for using Elmish in WPF
Suave server for Elmish.Remoting
Elmish.HMR bridge for Elmish.Remoting