Top 20 NuGet effects Packages

Xamarin.Forms 2.1 behaviors library. Include common behaviors like InvokeCommandAction, navigateToAction, EffectsBehavior, animation behaviors: Fade, Scale, Rotate.
Macroresolute Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Effects Library.
These are animation components for all programming activities
Organon Effects Library for Xamarin.Forms Built against:
Xamarin Forms - Effects
Synthesise sound effects from a simple set of parameters
Reduces the boiler plate code for custom renderers or effects in Xamarin.Forms
Reactive libraries for .NET Core
ES6 Spread operator for .NET Core
This version is for Win32 desktop applications using Visual Studio 2015 Update 3, Visual Studio 2017, or Visual Studio 2019.
This is a small bitmap library that provides direct memory access for fast pixel manipulation, animated gif support using native .net, font effects: borders and highlights, and simple scaling & rotation. Good for on-the-fly image generation in web or windows environments.
Create custom effects using NAudio.