Top 20 NuGet ecs Packages

Amazon EC2 Container Service is a highly scalable, high performance container management service that supports Docker containers and allows you to easily run distributed applications on a managed cluster of Amazon EC2 instances.
The CDK Construct Library for AWS::ECS (Stability: Stable)
Alibaba Cloud SDK for .NET
Amazon.ECS.Tools adds commands to the dotnet cli to deploy .NET Core applications to Amazon Elastic Container Service. For example to deploy an ASP.NET Core application from the command execute "dotnet ecs deploy-service" on the command line.
The CDK Construct Library for AWS::ECS (Stability: Stable)
Glader.Essentials provide basic essential .NET/C# development libraries for day-to-day development needs. The ECS library has basic Entity Component System Types.
Ninject dependency wrapper for use with infrastructure projects
A reactive take on the ECS pattern for .net game developers
A set of convention based classes to speed up the setup of projects using EcsRx
Entity Component System framework aiming for syntax and usage simplicity with maximum performance for game development.
An Entity Component System to make MonoGame more awesome.
Reactive data objects for extending the dotnet reactive library, unirx provides this out of the box
A set of view based conventions to assist with separating view from logic/data
EcsRx plugin to add the notion of computeds to the system
A reactive take on the ECS pattern for monogame developers
A library to handle Adom Ultimate style templates for game entities. Designed to create DefaultEcs entities from JSON templates.
A suite of persistence related features and helpers to allow you to make complex data pipelines, as well as saving/loading entity databases
Amazon EC2 Container Service Client for the AWS SDK for C++. AWS SDK for C++ provides a modern C++ (version C++ 11 or later) interface for Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is meant to be performant and fully functioning with low- and high-level SDKs, while minimizing dependencies and providing platform...
A set of convention based systems to speed up the setup of projects using EcsRx
EcsRx plugin to allow batching of components in systems