Top 20 NuGet driven Packages

Package Description
Data Driven (data-driven) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Extensions to add in functionality to build queries on classes.
Validation rules to create validation classes to validate objects.
Event loop with handler loading and deferred execution.
CQELight is a framework that provides tooling layer for helping developpers to get started with Domain Driven Design, Command Query Responsability Segregation and Event Sourcing. It provides abstraction upon major concepts and allow you to create your custom implementation with your tools.
Provides conventions for creating an ASP.NET Core based REST API on top of a domain model.
The Schema Generator for the Consumer Schema Tool
The Schema Checker for the Consumer Schema Tool
Package Description
Core implementation of Specification design pattern. Contains: - Specifications composition (And, Or, AndNot, OrNot) - Specifications negation with validation handling (error message negation, linq negation etc.) - Error handling for validation scenarios - Linq expressions composing
Common implementation of small reusable Specifications. All Specifications are based on Specification design pattern. Specifications support validation scenarios and also can be used like Linq expressions, because they are designed and implemented especially for Entity Framework Core support and p...