Top 20 NuGet dotnetcore Packages

Package Description
.Net Core package to send push notifications. This also includes sending iOS MDM push.
A lightweight .NET Core Class Library boilerplate, stripped to its bare minimum, powered by an optimized build system.
Conzole is a collection of static helper functions to simplify data display and input from the command line in DotNet Core.
$ dotnet new -i Genocs.MicroserviceTemplate::0.1.0 $ dotnet new microservice It generates a .NET Solution with full fledged microservice components.
Dotnetcore cord connector package.
Hyperion Abstraction library
Consul library
Loki sink
Package Description
Application layer interface
Microsoft.Azure.AppConfiguration.AspNetCore allows developers to use Microsoft Azure App Configuration service as a configuration source in their Legacy .NET applications. This package adds additional features for ASP.NET 4.x applications to the existing package Microsoft.Extensions.Configurat...
The BootstrapDatepicker control for DotVVM made by DotVVM Contrib community.
Package Description
Dotnet standard 2.1 version of PaymentRail SDK hosted here
Rante Api client SDK for dotnet core projects
JsonPatch is a simple library that implements basic JSON Patch functionality as per RFC-6902 ( for .Net Core applications.
Cross-platform .NET implementation of the Steamazer library Look up information on about Steam users in your .NET application
Package Description