Top 20 NuGet docking Packages

This extension will allow you to put your tabs outside in a new window. And also to create a separate group. In fact, this extension of TabControl which allows it to work in different WPF windows.
Contains XML palette files for use with the Krypton toolkit.
A base library for creating cross platform game engines in .NET using OpenGL. Includes OpenGL, ImGUI, An MIT licensed ECS (, etc. More features are planned (ex. ImGUI Hierarchy Controls) and the library will continue to grow as time goes on.
Visual Studio 2012 Light theme for DockPanel Suite.
A docking layout system.
Dockable desktop window and other classes supporting WPF applications. Sample WPF projects available at BitBucket, see project link.
A docking library to integrate undo/redo-able tabbed docking, floating and auto hide window management into your application in minutes.
The docking library for .Net Windows Forms development which mimics Visual Studio .Net.
Helper library for creating AppBars (forms which are docked to the side of the screen). AppBars reserve the required space, similar to the Taskbar in Windows.
A docking layout system.
Custom Docking