Top 20 NuGet docker Packages

Client library for the Kubernetes open source container orchestrator.
A utility to manage run-time services
Library to manage docker-machine, docker-compose, and docker containers for windows / mac or native linux using netcore or full framework.
A Client UI Library for
Injects values into config files directly or via environment variables. Can inject app settings, connection strings, or WCF client endpoints.
Cake Build addin for Docker.
The Data Model for
Ms Test Support to allow for create, run one or more docker images while testing using docker, compose, machine (Linux, Windows, Mac) using netcore or full framework. Documentation:
Targets files to enable the Visual Studio Tools for Containers.
Execute containerized jobs on Azure Batch via Batch Shipyard. Requires Python.
Amazon.ECS.Tools adds commands to the dotnet cli to deploy .NET Core applications to Amazon Elastic Container Service. For example to deploy an ASP.NET Core application from the command execute "dotnet ecs deploy-service" on the command line.
Docker extension for the cross-plattform automation system Nuke.
Useful Docker extensions for AspNetCore
Provides classes that interact with docker-machine.exe and docker.exe to automatically start machine, create and cleanup containers. Uses IDisposable for lowest ceremony to make tests shortest
Testing framework for setting up real dependencies as Docker containers.
Helper and Extensions for Docker Container interactions.
Docker.DotNet is a library that allows you to interact with the Docker Remote API programmatically with fully asynchronous, non-blocking and object-oriented code in your .NET applications.
$ dotnet new -i Paulovich.Caju::0.6.0 $ dotnet new clean It generates a .NET Solution with a layered backend (Domain - Application - Infrastructure - UI) based on the Clean Architecture Style.
$ dotnet new -i Paulovich.Manga $ dotnet new manga It creates a .NET Solution with a layered backend (Domain - Application - Infrastructure - WebApi) with the Clean Architecture Style.
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