Top 20 NuGet dns Packages

Provides DNS management (Fluent) capabilities for Microsoft Azure.
DnsClient.NET is a simple yet very powerful and high performant open source library for the .NET Framework to do DNS lookups
Defines the IoT Gateway runtime environment.
CaveSystems Networking Bibliothek
Provides management capabilities for Azure Private DNS.
A simple Multicast Domain Name Service based on RFC 6762. Can be used as both a client (sending queries) or a server (responding to queries).
Clients that communicate with a standard DNS server or a DNS server over HTTPS.
DNS data model with serializer/deserializer for the wire and master file format.
Library for parsing and serializing DNS messages. Includes a basic DNS client and server.
A reusable DNS resolver for .NET. You can reference this project in your libraries, but make sure it is also referenced in the startup project too, if this startup project is not project.json based (ie: has a packages.config file).
HealthChecks.Network is the health check package for network services.
.NET library for communication with the Cloudflare service API.
IPWorks is a comprehensive framework of easy-to-use components for Internet development, including FTP, HTTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, LDAP, DNS, SMS, SOAP, etc.
Provides management capabilities for Azure Dns.
Cake Build addon for managing Amazon Route53 DNS.
Class library for resolving DNS host, mailbox and service names on the network. It also supports reverse address lookups, International Domain Names (IDN), DNS Black Lists (DNSBL), text records, and maintains a local Resource Record cache.
This project contains a complete managed .Net DNS and DNSSEC client, a DNS server and SPF and SenderID validation.
Active network based entropy sources for Terninger including ping, external http sites and other random sources (via http). See for PGP & Keybase signatures of nuget packages.
NameCheapDotNet is a .NET wrapper for the Namecheap API
A .Net Core client library for the TransIP Api, based on the work of jwvdiermen.