Top 20 NuGet dlr Packages

Python and CLR (.NET and Mono) cross-platform language interop
DLR-based late-bound P/Invoke for F#
Happy has JavaScript-like syntax and and includes a special template syntax which can be used to enable your best tendencies for being "effienctly lazy." With Happy, it's easy to write a generator for any kind of text based output including HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript, C#, VB.Net, SQL, YAML, Java, M...
ASP Classic Compiler
A Lua inspired script engine for embedding in .NET applications.
A thin wrapper of Jint (popular JavaScript interpreter on .NET) for adapt to Microsoft.Scripting.Runtime.LanguageContext interface.
Dynamic reactive domain implementation.
Dynamic Patterns is a library that contains design patterns built on the Dynamic Language Runtime. Patterns implemented: Snapshot, Combine, Multicast, LoadBalance, DynamicDictionary.
A windows library for Autolihium
An autoit-like compiler
A script host for Autolihium
A command line compiler for Autolihium
This component extends the DynamicObject, in order to add / remove new members at runtime.