Top 20 NuGet directx Packages

3D Graphics Rendering Engine for .Net
3D Graphics Rendering Engine for .Net
3D Graphics Rendering Engine for .Net
prebuilt libaries for Windows Phone 8.0 version of ANGLE
Provides a cross-platform implementation of some analytics providers.
Provides a service to support Microsoft Kinect v2.0 sensors.
Provides audio services to make easy to use Dolby Digital Plus.
DirectX Platform specific UI rendering ... part of effort to have cross platform UI stack based on XAML. Targets Windows 7 Desktop scenarios.
This PCL library helps with some useful tools when working with shaders in MonoGame, like a reflection helper that determines if the project gets used for OpenGL or DirectX and some static extension methods for the GraphicsDevice and the SpriteBatch. Another one helps you to make loading shad...
3D Graphics Rendering Engine for .Net
Assembly providing diagnostic and runtime description for DirectX errors
The ANX.Framework is a platform independent game framework which is source compatible with Microsofts XNA Framework.
Advanced 2D GameEngine for indie developers.
Symbols for package 'angle_wp8'. This package should not likely be installed. (This is not the package you are looking for).
Redistributable components for package 'angle_wp8'. This package should only be installed as a dependency. (This is not the package you are looking for).
Contains the architecture specific assemblies in the runtimes folder and uses the x86 one as reference assembly which will lead to a warning on build.
Terrarium provides a great way for developers to learn about the .NET programming model and language as they develop creatures and introduce them into a peer-to-peer ecosystem.
A library for easy initialization of SharpDX device/context on C#/XAML projects. Supports Windows Phone Silverlight, Windows Store and Universal projects.