Top 20 NuGet diff Packages

Launches diff tools based on file extensions. Designed to be consumed by snapshot testing libraries.
JSON object diffs and reversible patching
DiffPlex is a diffing library that allows you to programatically create text diffs. DiffPlex is a fast and tested library.
Library for diffing and RFC 6902 patching json objects - forked from Tavis.JsonPatch, with an addition of json diff code by Ian Mercer, with additional partial array LCS diff by JC Dickinson
The package is a part of the Saritasa Tools project. Saritasa.Tools.Common contains various utilities and extensions for DateTime conversion, strings manipulation, validation utils (Guard), parse with default, flow (memoize, retry), collection processing (chunk select), atomic (CAS, swap), strings h...
Find the difference between two sequences of blobs on Azure Blob Storage
ObjectComparator is a high-performance .NET library crafted meticulously for deep comparisons between objects. Beyond just pointing out the disparities, it delves into the depths of objects, reflecting even the minutest differences. Furthermore, it arms developers with the capability to prescribe cu...
Quickly dump a diff output to System.Console, plain text or to HTML
DiffPlex.Wpf is a WPF control library that allows you to programatically render visual text diffs in your application. It also provide a diff viewer control used in Windows Forms application.
Provides a complete diffing model of HTML.
A library for comparing two HTML files/snippets and highlighting the differences using simple HTML.
A .NET library with functionality for comparing XML (using XmlUnit).
A .NET Standard library with functionality for comparing text and flat files (using DiffPlex).
Find the difference between two sequences of documents on Azure Search
Common infrastructure for comparison things. Like Azure Storage blobs or Azure Search documents.
Low-allocation version of DiffMatchPatch
A simple diff comparison asserter that makes it easy to assert if two texts (strings) are equal, and display the differences in a diff tool if they are not. Simply put it is a much simpler (and dumber) version of ApprovalTests that should get the job done for simple scenarios. You can easily create ...
Utility for walking of JSON and XML for merge and diff proposes
.Net Core Integration Test Essentials: Extensions, Startup Runners, Assertions, Logging
Provides a .NET Standard and .NET Core implementation to the diff algorithm (shortest edit script) described by Eugene Myers in "An O(ND) Difference Algorithm and Its Variations". Unlike some other implementations, this one can compare sequences of any object type, using the standard Equals method o...