Top 20 NuGet diagnostics Packages

Easy to integrate and easy to use component that dumps the value of an arbitrary .NET object in an easy to read text form. Helpful for debugging and logging purposes. Features:   * The dump output is separated from the targeted dump media by the familiar TextWriter interface   * The programmer can d...
This package exists to solve problems with loading the `system.diagnostics` config section under **.NET Core**.
The Diagnostics library provides classes that help checking incoming parameters of a method using the Fluent API or not, depending on what you like.
Provides an input implementation for capturing diagnostics data sourced through NLog library.
Micro-framework for logging via the .NET TraceSource API
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Package Description
Package Description
Send SMS messages through Twilio when new errors occur on
A dummy factory for Diagnostics types.
CelloSaaS Multi-Tenant SaaS Application Development Framework Libraries
Create a card on Trello when a new error is logged on