Top 20 NuGet deserialize Packages

Serialize and deserialize any object without decoration/attributes.
XmlSerializerHelper serializes and deserializes any .Net object from/to XML.
A helper library for serializing and deserializing types in Units.NET using Json.NET.
JSON parsing, generation and reflective class-insertion library for .NET
This package has been moved to Zaabee.NewtonsoftJson
The wrappers and extensions methods for Jil
A library that deserializes Rainbow (.yml) files into FakeDb items and templates for the purpose of unit/integration testing Sitecore projects.
A .NET Standard class library with JsonConverters to assist with deserializing collections.
Simple CSV Serializer & Deserializer for C#
Convert / deserialize JSON or XML to dynamic. Convert / serialize dynamic to JSON or XML.
Xml for AspNetCore,Xml Serializer, Xml Deserialize
A .NET port of BeanIO which perfectly fits into the .NET world.
Adds extension methods to IEnumerables for easy serialization.
A fast, light weight and fluent JSON - Object converter. For more information, please visit:
SharpYAJ - YetAnotherJSON Reader/Writer for C# is a .NET Standard 2.0 compatible library to serialize and deserialize JSON strings
The wrappers and extensions methods for protobuf
Serialize and deserialize .csv files.
Library to parse JSON Data
Extension methods for xml serialize/deserialize
Serialize and deserialize ArchiMate Model Exchange File Format files.