Top 20 NuGet deserialization Packages

Wrapper for HttpClient with JSON serialization functionalityu
Move quickly from data in your programs to data on your harddrive and vice versa. Validate XML files against a schema before deserialising them. Get detailed validation errors to let you know exactly what's wrong with your XML format. Full source code and example data available on GitHub: https://g...
Xml Serialization to serialize objects of the specified type into Xml strings and deserialize Xml strings into objects of the specified type.
Silver Config allows you to annotate a class with attributes, similiar to those for the XmlSerializer or Json.Net, but allows to add comments for elements, define the order, and to separate them with new lines. This makes the configuration file easier to read and modify by the user.
A type provider for Protocol Buffers.
Wrapper around System.Xml.XmlSerializer for simple and concise converting C# objects (DTO, POCO) to XML representation and vice verse.
Library containing asynchronous (de)serialization methods for Newtonsoft.JSON JTokens. The deserialization functionality is available through UtilPack.JSON.JTokenStreamReader class. The serialization functionality is available through extension method to UtilPack.PotentiallyAsyncWriterLogic<IE...
This package contains the necessary components to read logging components from json configuration files.
Easily define a protocol and efficiently serialize and deserialize objects without boilerplate code.
Protocol Buffers is the name of the binary serialization format used by Google for much of their data communications. It is designed to be: small in size - efficient data storage (far smaller than xml) cheap to process - both at the client and server platform independent - portable between different...
Safe deserialization helper library to fix known BinaryFormatter vulnerabilities.
The LINQ extension over protobuf-net
ProtoBuf Data Light: a lightweight IDataReader serializer. This library serializes an IDataReader to a binary format using Marc Gravell's protobuf-net.
This package contains the serialization framework for serializing WaterLogged logging components.
Fast and dependency-free XML serializer for .NET written in F#
XmlObjectMapper - XML Data Binding Framework
This is a library for serializing and deserializing an excel file to/from an object list
Library for serializing, modifying and deserializing LINQ Expressions
Protocol Buffer serializer for Eneter Messaging Framework
This library integrates Json.NET serializer created by James Newton-King into Eneter Messaging Framework. It allows to serialize/deserialize messages to/from JSON faster than default .NET serializer DataContractJsonSerializer.