Top 20 NuGet deploy Packages

Allows creation and promotion of releases within Octopus Deploy
Database Deploy is a mechanism for scripting updates to your database. DbDeploy will evaluate a given database for the script version currently installed and then create an update script that will update the database to the latest version, based on your script files. DbDeploy can be run as a buil...
This adds a script that will create a zipped version of a specific web configuration from a PackageWeb archive. This is useful to build a single package that can be deployed to multiple environments. **Running the script requires PowerShell Community Extensions** All of this is based on the excelle...
PackageNet takes PackageWeb a step further to extend web packages for ANY .net project so that you can publish a package to different environments. Your packages will contain all of your *.config transforms.
Unofficial package containing SqlPackage.exe command-line utility, from SQL Server 13.0
Necessary libraries for custom DeploymentPlanModifier implementation.
Helper methods for the hosts file and IIS
Cake addin for the deployment variables management.
Cake addin for loging in to Azure Resource Manager.
MobileCenter Addin for Cake Build, Test and Deployment Automation System.
ASP.NET 5 configuration provider for Octopus Deploy variables.