Top 20 NuGet dependency Packages

Json configuration provider for .net dependency injection
DependencyInjection pattern implementation (Inversion of Control)
Just another Dependency Injection Framework
Dependency Injection framework
Package Description
Just another (portable) Dependency Framework
Provides nsubstitute automocking capability for structuremap.
Automata Mini Dependency Injection
A teeny, tiny, dependency injection and IOC framework
A lightweight cross platform dependency injection library.
An Ambient Context Wrapper for Dependency Injection, with a DefaultContainer. An ultra thin API designed to permiate all projects in a solution and provide quick and easy access to either a default container or customised injection engine, allowing projects to remain unchanged even when changing pr...
Slush Inject - simplified Ioc wrapper using Castle windsor and Castle Core
Useful Types: Container, DefaultContainer, IContainerAdapter
Dependency Injection System using attributes.
Plugin for Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection enabling registration of multiple service implemantations under the same interface.
DryIoc as DI for generic IHost via extension methods on IHostBuilder
Collection of extensions for Microsoft Extensions DI.
动态依赖项管理;为 Remote 提供支持;
stf test repo dependency description
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