Top 20 NuGet demo Packages

Demo version of Noobot Core, relies on SlackConnector_Demo, allows you to host your own SlackBot wrapped up in Noobot joy. Please see project website for examples.
Calculator service for basic adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.
This is a simple example of a GUI test case with OpenKeyWord.
Utilities that are useful when demonstrating code. (e.g. for books, articles, conferences)
This package contains code to support interacting with the GitHub API for the purposes of demonstrating how to consume authenticated APIs within XAMLU training courses. *This is not an attempt to create a fully featured GitHub API*.
This is a PCL library that contains helper classes that should make writing demos with and for MonoGame more comfortable. In general it contains tools that are boilerplate code and would rather distract the user from the demo.
Simple Data classes for testing or tutorial applications. For example, class Person with some properties and class People (a set of Person). In this release added SampleData for Silvetlight app.
Stuff that works demo - email validator This is completely silly project btw.
Easily generate sample data for your demos, using fluent API
A demonstration of a console-based snake game built on .NET Core 2
Online Class Demo long description for this package.
A test sample logger.
Demo library for the ASP.NET 5 Unleashed talk. More details at
Custom BOB
CoolBeans does some really great, and cool things for developers.
This package contains classes that are used in demos by Marco Pil (Info Support)
dummy demo package