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Entity Framework extenstions library (Bulk processing and Meta helpers)
Bulk operations extension library for Entity Framework.
This package help you in connecting with any api and make (POST,PUT,DELETE,GET) actions.
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The Package is for PowerPoint. 1.Insert Slide 2.Delete Slide 3.Insert Picture to the Slide 4.Export to Pdf 5.Create New PowerPoint
High performance operation for MS SQL Server built for Dapper ORM. Including bulk operations Insert, Update, Delete, Get as well as Upsert both single and bulk.
Entity Framework: Bulk Insert, BulkSaveChanges, Bulk Update, Bulk Delete, Bulk Merge, and Bulk Synchronize. Support: SQL Server, SQL Azure, PostgreSQL Coming soon: SQL Compact, Oracle, MySQL, and SQLite This library is NOT FREE. Trial period always stops at the end of the month.
An EF Code First implementation of a derived DbContext with provisions for the soft delete pattern. You would normally subclass the provided class for your own DbContext class. The entities should have a column named IsDeleted or Deleted. Reverse Engineer EF CodeFirst text templates are provided wi...
Stream & FileStream drop-in replacement with insert-mode as opposed to override-mode and with delete operation. See example @
A fork of the SQLGeneration code base that has some features not in the original master.
.NET helper library that will make developers life easier. Everything that you cannot find in standard .NET framework can be found here.
Linq-to-SQL extension methods for batched update and delete
A Fluent SQL Generator which allows you to generate Insert, Update and Delete SQL Statements.
Libraries for CRUD operations on Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Supplies the log4net log directory cleaner 'SelfCleaningRollingFileAppender' which periodically checks for old log files and deletes them automatically from the output log directory. Uses .net standard 1.3.