Top 20 NuGet decrypt Packages

Tools and extensions for working with security primitives.
An assembly for standardised Azure Key Vault, Azure Log Analytics, and Azure Management processes across services.
Provides simple cryptographic related classes for hashing/verifying data, encrypting/decrypting data and creating random data in .NET.
Takes a string and either encode or decode it using CryptoStream. "Pass Phrase" and "Salt" needs to be passed in.
3-Heights® PDF Security is a fast and robust API for protecting and signing your PDF documents. It allows you to encrypt and decrypt PDF documents, as well as verifying and adding PDF/A-conform digital signatures. Additionally, it supports adding PDF/A-conform stamps (text, image, vector) while pres...
Security, Json Web Token, Password Service, Encrypt, Decrypt, Seguridad, Token de sesión, Servicio de contraseña, encriptador, desencriptador.
Smart Cryptography, Easy, MD5, SHA256 TripleDES Cryptography
Crypteron Security Framework Core Library shared by CipherDB, CipherStor, CipherObject and other products.
Zephyr is the namespace for utility libraries in Synapse; Zephyr utilities are suitable for stand-alone usage outside Synapse. Synapse is a lightweight execution engine for unifying federated data sources and processes. The Crypto utilitiy library supports RSA and Rijndael encrryption and Base64 enc...
Crypteron CipherDB Agent for Entity Framework 6.x
Crypteron CipherDB Agent for NHibernate 4.x
Crypteron CipherStor for encrypting files and file streams destined for Azure Blob Storage, Amazon S3, SMB and local file servers
Tools for hashing, encoding/decoding and encrypting/decrypting data.
Crypteron CipherObject Agent for general object oriented encryption
Cryptography extensions for strings and arrays of bytes.
Ssh Key Decrypt (ssh-key-decrypt) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Store strings & credentials securely encrypted on Android device
Crypteron CipherDB Agent for Entity Framework Core
Crypteron CipherDB Agent for Entity Framework Core
This library implements XML serialization and deserialization for the TrustMe library keys and certificates.