Top 20 NuGet decisions Packages

Provides a way of interpolating a series of points in a monotonic and smoothed way.
An extension to the Decisions package that provides Castle integration options.
A web hosting extension to the Decsisions package.
A tool simular to or to analyse a git repo and render a team dashboard. The dashboard can then be used to make data drive decisions about the team.
Conversation data access layer
A Claims based model for resolving bespoke authorization/security operations.
A set of interfaces and entities for integrating with the Decisions package.
This package describes the server models. That can be used to discribe user achievements in the database.
Achievement abstractions for server models.
Attachment server model.
Attachment Abstractions for server model.
This package describes the server models, that can be used to discribe Auctions in the database.
Auction server model abstractions.
Basket server model.
Basket server model abstraction.
Package Description
Server model category
Contact server models.
Contact server model abstractions.
Convesation server models.