Top 20 NuGet dbcontext Packages

DbContextScope is a simple and flexible way to manage your Entity Framework Core relational DbContext instances.
In-memory mock for EntityFramework 6 DbContext
See description at project site or follow the link:
A simple transactional dbcontext implementation.
Generic Repository Entity Framework DbContext implementation.
Create simple pagination handling for items in ASP.NET core for MicrosoftEntityFramework and Simple list of items
Simple but DI-aware and extensible repository for EF DbContext
EntityFramework Generic DbContext, both generic base class and generic interface
Simple and effective C# Generic Repository pattern implementation for Entity Framework 6 models. Use of generics and async makes eliminates complexity without sacrificing features.
An EF Code First implementation of a derived DbContext with provisions for the soft delete pattern. You would normally subclass the provided class for your own DbContext class. The entities should have a column named IsDeleted or Deleted. Reverse Engineer EF CodeFirst text templates are provided wi...
.NET package for Bulk operations in SQL Server using DbConnection or DbContext (Entity Framework )
Testable EntityFramework: Easy and straightforward way to test EF queries
Unit of work framework
This package contains base interfaces that enable developers to implement Unit Of Work and Repository patterns with data stores.
Unit of work framework for EntityFramework
UnitOfWork for LiteDB
Main DataOnion implementation, including AmbientDbContext, UnitOfWork, Repositories, DataInitialisers etc.
Autofac Resolver Extensions for DataOnion
Default Microsoft Resolver Extensions for DataOnion
Set of Interfaces for DataOnion