Top 20 NuGet dataflow Packages

Data Conveyer is a lightweight transformation engine to facilitate real-time data migrations.
An easy Autofac extension for registering nodes in Banzai
An easy async pipeline orchestration library
An easy Ninject extension for registering nodes in Banzai
A lightweight ETL (extract, transform, load) library and data integration toolbox for .NET. Source and destination components let you read and write data from the most common databases and file types. Transformations allow you to you harmonize, filter, aggregate, validate and clean your data.
Log4Net Library for Banzai
A Banzai extension for serializing workflows to JSON
Use GoJS to create directed and undirected graphs, network diagrams, flowcharts, workflow diagrams, entity relationship diagrams, BPMN and BPEL applications, organization charts, circuit diagrams, tree diagrams (e.g. syntax trees, sitemaps), data flow diagrams, mindmaps, SCADA diagrams, smart grid a...
NLog Library for Banzai
Cross-platform ETL library for easily writing high performance, highly productive ETL data processing applications in C#, VB, etc. running on Windows and Linux. Handles large and complex projects with ease. - Community: Get your FREE license at - Trial: Evaluate...
Dataflow addition to Navvy (a long-running tasks execution framework).
Serilog Library for Banzai
Provides async processing blocks
Gridsum.DataflowEx is a dataflow and etl framework redesigned on top of Microsoft TPL Dataflow library with Object-Oriented Programming in mind. DataflowEx enables you to write reusable components and easily link them together as a high-level dataflow graph while still having the power of low-leve...
A JavaScript extension for creating Banzai nodes that are dynamically compiled and executed at runtime. Uses V8/ClearScript/ClearScript.Manager under the hood.
Analyzer utilities for various analyses, including Dataflow analysis based on ControlFlowGraph API in Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.
Data Flow is a fully managed service with a rich user interface to allow developers and data scientists to create, edit, and run Apache Spark applications at any scale without the need for clusters, an operations team, or highly specialized Spark knowledge. As a fully managed service, there is no in...
An easy Ninject extension for registering nodes in Banzai
Wrapper of TcpClient what help focus on WHAT you transfer over TCP not HOW (Async, Thread-safe, TcpSerialization with attribute schema, Big/Little endian, Cancellation support)