Top 20 NuGet data Packages

Shared test suite for Entity Framework Core relational database providers.
Package Description
Provides Data Lake Store account and filesystem management capabilities for Microsoft Azure.
A small (almost cross Database) tool 4 generation Excel Report from data in database (MS SQL, MySQL, SqLite or Postgres) via stored procedure or view with parameters.
FsLab is a combination package that supports doing data science with F#. FsLab includes literate scripting converted to HTML and PDF, and by default references Deedle (a data frame library), FSharp.Data (for data access) and XPlot (for visualization). You can optionally add any other nuget packages.
EntityWorker is an object-relation mapper(ORM) that enable .NET developers to work with relations data using objects. EntityWorker is an alternative to entityframwork. is more flexible and much faster than entity framework. And it have support to multiple providers like mssql, sqlite and postgressql...
A unified and simplified abstraction for implementing data accessing and persistence
A client library for accessing FileMaker data through the REST API.
A better way to build.
A .NET port of the Ruby faker gem.
Package Description
Module used for regitering a Sqlite provider.
Aurochses.Data.EntityFrameworkCore is a library to access database with Unit of Work, Repository and Entity classes for Entity Framework Core.
Aurochses.Data.AutoMapper is a library for using AutoMapper with Aurochses.Data.
DataTablePlus provides some extensions in order to transform object lists into data tables based on the object mappings (it's able to use the entity framework mappings or just the objects structure) and also some sql helpers which perform some batch operations using the previously built data tables....
Fixed Width Parser Writer for reading and writing flat data (files) with defined field position in line or file (relative height).
Various fluent style data generators and extension methods for constrained non-determinism in your unit tests, integration tests, general automation projects and mock-ups.
The Data Access Application Block simplifies the development of tasks that implement common data access functionality. Applications can use this application block in a variety of situations, such as reading data for display, passing data through application layers, and submitting changed data back t...
PostcodeNlApi provides an API to directly talk with the API through the REST endpoint offered into your .NET (web)applications.
SoundFingerprinting is a C# framework that implements an efficient algorithm of audio fingerprinting and identification. Designed for developers, enthusiasts, researchers in the fields of audio processing, data mining, digital signal processing.