Top 20 NuGet csharp Packages

Biblioteca para leitura de certificados digitais padrão ICP-Brasil em .NET. Retorna os dados dos certificados tipos eCNPJ e eCPF.
To easy use mvvm in android,ios,uwp,wpf ect.
Creates a .NET Standard library with files needed by LiterateCS included.
Provides a simple option type for C# allowing you to never return null and communicate to your consumers that something might or might not have a value.
Yeah, you can access json with dynamic & Json.Net. But why can't we have the old static way? Is there no one miss the happiness of working with intellisense? There must be a easy way. 动态调用RestAPI返回的json, 确实很简单 但是你自己要封装一个SDK给别人,你好意思给人家说明书让人家看着说明书动态调用么? 看着动态调用里面写着...
A collection of utility classes for the C# platform.
GoDiscover Web provides a framework for creating self-organizing object website model hierarchies through the unique combination of the Managed Extensibility Framework introduced in .NET 4.0 and Silverlight 4.0 and the .NET language's support for interfaces and generics.
Provides extension methods for the older static methods on basic .NET types, allowing myString.IsNullOrEmpty(), for example
Library to connect to Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation for receiving market data and placing / managing trades.
A library to help those poor souls still stuck in the dark ages of Visual Basic 6. DMC12-Serializer loads VB6 UDTs (Universal Data Types, i.e. structs) into .NET objects, and produces VB6-compatible dumps.
This is a drop-in wrapper on top of the classes for interacting with a Leap Motion - it allows for the handling of gesture recognition similar to what you would find in the world of iOS: simple listeners and events abstracted as high as they can go. **IMPORTANT** There are some steps that you must ...
A C#-based system-level design framework with VHDL output
A poorly-named .NET library to map your API models to RESTful resource representations.
A collection of C# code.
A set of custom C# data structures to complete code katas.
Package provides functionality to prerender pages of your single page application, using (PhantomJS) service.
Minimal JSON parser/serializer in C#.
This project aims for creating a solid foundation that every C# backend can be built on. It handles the business layer of your application and also gives you features like Caching, logging and so on. The project aims is to be as modular as possible, so you can choose what implementation for each pa...
Code defensively, strengthen your design
MdCompile is a simple tool to extract and compile C# code blocks in Markdown files.