Top 20 NuGet config Packages

NLog.config file to get started with configuring NLog. This package is not mandatory to get started with NLog: the configuration file can created manually (read specs here: or the configuration can be created programmatically. (read more here: h...
A configuration object to enable auto discovery in Enyim for ElastiCache
Feature Flags created by developers for developers with ❤️. ConfigCat lets you manage feature flags across frontend, backend, mobile, and desktop apps without (re)deploying code. % rollouts, user targeting, segmentation. Feature toggle SDKs for all main languages. Alternative to LaunchDarkly....
Package for adding Spring Cloud Config Server configuration provider to ASP.NET Core applications
Configuration provider for reading from Spring Cloud Config Server
Cake Addin for performing XDT based config file transforms.
PCL Extension provides a config implementation for .NET, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android. This makes it easier to create cross-platform .NET libraries and apps. Supports .NET Standard now.
Dapplo.Config provides an easy to use configuration
The CDK Construct Library for AWS::Config (Stability: Stable)
Configuration slots for Magic, allowing you to easily read configuration settings in your Magic application. To use package go to
A .net configuration library to make configuration of multi-target applications easier
A slim, cross-platform, fully managed C# library for reading/writing .ini, .conf, .cfg etc configuration files.
Client SDK for Flagsmith. Ship features with confidence using feature flags and remote config. Host yourself or use our hosted version at
AutoConfig is an automagical, convention-based, customisable, extensible library for mapping configuration files to POCO C# objects/interfaces with the absolute minimum of code.
APIs for handling dotnet-config compatible settings for any dotnet tool. Usage: var config = Config.Build(); var value = config.GetString("section", "subsection", "variable"); // Setting values, Config is immutable, so chain calls and update var config = config .SetString("section", "...
Configgy: Configuration library for .NET (and .NET Core and .NET Standard)
Alibaba Cloud SDK for .NET
Project containing file for configuration of GetcuReone projects.
Load application settings into strong typed objects with two lines of code. Supports validation, nested objects, arrays, lists and dictionaries.
Provide configuration services for addons