Top 20 NuGet comparer Packages

A way to "naturally" sort strings so that ordering the strings "10" and "2" returns "2" followed by 10.
Package Description
Provides a set of general purpose Fluent Assertion extension methods methods extending from Xunit.
Useful set of methods that work with the generic collection library. * A ForEach for IEnumerable (which is sorely lacking). * A LambdaComparer for dynamically using IEqualityComparer
NList brings an enormous number of powerful, STL-like algorithms to the .NET platform for processing indexable collections. There is a handlebars.js-like text generator. It has a powerful IComparer builder. There is a DefaultDictionary class. There is a class to convert an object into a dictionary o...
Library comparing different versions of an api using reflection to ensure compatibility with third party components. Console application.
AutoCompare is a simple library with the goal of making it effortless to compare two objects of the same type to generate the list of modified properties.
Generic implementation of IEquilityComparer which may be usefull for comparing objects of the same types. Provides recursive comparison and comparison by some properties. Provides comparison in runtime if type is undefined.
Comparing CRM Dynamics Entities.
DateTimeComparer helps comparison of DateTime instances within a desired precision. Sometimes ticks is just too granular!
.net standard library that compares even the most complex collections of objects. Using reflection, the comparer checks if each and every object is identical in both collections and returns true if so. (including custom objects, lists... anything)
A library for comparing objects.
LinksPlatform's Platform.Comparers Class Library
Provides a set of helpful Combinatoric Permutations assets for use during operation.
Microsoft Sql Server Database syncronize utility library.
Extensions utilitários para reuso de implementações genéricas de algoritmos que solucionam diversas situações de programação em .Net.
The Engine relies on a set of Registries of Generated Code for purposes of determining whether re-generation ought to occur.
A .NET Standard 2.0 class library that allows for the comparison of the data and structure in two or more System.DataTable objects, with a focus on data comparison. Table structures do not have to be identical, but they need to have the same primary key structure.