Top 20 NuGet codegen Packages

Code generator
Code generator
A library that generates an ASP.NET controller for a Facility Service Definition.
The engine of source code generation; used by CodeGeneration.Roslyn.Tool. Useful for testing custom source generators. API: * CodeGeneration.Roslyn.CompilationGenerator * CodeGeneration.Roslyn.DocumentTransform
Contains code generator for strongly-typed IDs. See project site for installation instructions and more details.
Hydra is a app generation tool with resulting source code. Generated front-end support for Ionic/Angular. Restful microservice layer support for .NET Core. Back-end support for SQL Server. Other supported technologies coming soon as Hydra is highly extensible. Also includes support for mobile capabi...
Exposes some Roslyn internals in a nice way, such as executing code fixes or retrieving the CompositionContext for a Workspace. Compiled from facc1f5
A CLI application to use the Leprechaun codegen framework for Sitecore.
A tool that generates an ASP.NET controller for a Facility Service Definition.
A library that generates Markdown for a Facility Service Definition.
MSBuild integration between Myriad and .NET Sdk projects
MSBuild integration between GiraffeGenerator and .NET Sdk projects
Package Description
Azure DevOps Classic-to-YAML Pipelines CLI
Code generator
This is my own code generator working at version 3.1.401
CodeGenHero is an amazing Visual Studio extension that enhances developer productivity via code generation. This package should be added to projects that are making use of CodeGenHero templates.
Source code generation tool that hosts custom generators (AKA Plugins). This package contains MSBuild targets that run the tool during a build, before compilation. See project site for details.
T4Immutable is a T4 template for C# .NET apps that generates code for immutable classes.
MSBuild task to automatically generate c# files from .proto files