Top 20 NuGet cluster Packages

Sharded actors with managed lifecycle for Akka.NET cluster
Replicated data using CRDT structures
CSRedis 是 官方推荐库,支持 redis-trib集群、私有分区与连接池管理技术,简易 RedisHelper 静态类。
Distributed publish/subscribe, client and singleton support for Akka.NET cluster
Cluster support for Akka.NET
Replicated data using CRDT structures
Helper classes for combining the Akka.Remote.TestKit with Akka.Cluster
分布式缓存 CSRedisCore 现实 Microsoft.Extensions.Caching
A cross platform SocketCluster library for .NET NetStandard Core.
Ultra-fast distributed actors for .NET.
A configuration object to enable auto discovery in Enyim for ElastiCache
A collection of mathematical function and data structures written in C#. Numerical comparison, vector geometry, polynomial, root solver, statistics, GPS and clustering, and abstract bitmap and draw functions.
F# wrapper library for Akka.NET cluster sharding module.
Package Description
.NET CentralConfig client
Cluster management components for Neurotechnology SDK. (unofficial) mantained by This component requires activation, please visit for more information.
ThinkGeo.MapSuite.Styles.ClusterPoint is a style extension to the Map Suite product line, see below for compatibility. It provides ability to cluster nearest markers to one marker with a specific style. ** This is an extension for use in ThinkGeo's Map Suite product line, see below, as it cannot ...
A C# implementation of the Unicode grapheme cluster breaking algorithm
NFX CORE Package NFX UNISTACK includes: Application Container + Dependency Injection facilities Configuration engine BigMemory: Local/Distributed piles/heaps, ability to store hundreds of millions of objects resident in memory for long times without killing GC BigMemory Cache - sto...