Top 20 NuGet cloud Packages

AWS Security Hub provides you with a comprehensive view of your security state within AWS and your compliance with the security industry standards and best practices. Security Hub collects security data from across AWS accounts, services, and supported third-party partners and helps you analyze your...
AWS License Manager makes it easier to manage licenses in AWS and on premises when customers run applications using existing licenses from a variety of software vendors including Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, and IBM. AWS License Manager automatically tracks and controls license usage once administrators ...
Amazon FSx provides fully-managed third-party file systems optimized for a variety of enterprise and compute-intensive workloads.
AWS App Mesh is a service mesh that makes it easy to monitor and control communications between microservices of an application. AWS App Mesh APIs are available for preview in eu-west-1, us-east-1, us-east-2, and us-west-2 regions.
Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka (Amazon MSK). Amazon MSK is a service that you can use to easily build, monitor, and manage Apache Kafka clusters in the cloud.
Amazon DocumentDB is a fast, reliable, and fully managed MongoDB compatible database service.
AWS Backup is a fully managed backup service that makes it easy to centralize and automate the back up of data across AWS services in the cloud as well as on-premises.
This is the initial SDK release for Amazon WorkLink. Amazon WorkLink is a fully managed, cloud-based service that enables secure, one-click access to internal websites and web apps from mobile phones. With Amazon WorkLink, employees can access internal websites as seamlessly as they access any other...
This release is intended ONLY for customers that are officially part of the Amazon Textract Preview program. If you are not officially part of the Amazon Textract program THIS WILL NOT WORK. Our two main regions for Amazon Textract Preview are N. Virginia and Dublin. Also some members have been adde...
Recommended Google client library to access the Google Cloud Tasks API (v2), which manages the execution of large numbers of distributed requests.
Amazon Mobile Analytics is a service that lets you simply and cost effectively collect and analyze your application usage data. In addition to providing usage summary charts that are available for quick reference, Amazon Mobile Analytics enables you to set up automatic export of your data to Amazon ...
Web.MVC library for ChilliSource.Cloud
A trace listener for System.Diagnostics that can be used to log events straight to Amazon DynamoDB.
It’s 100% managed code PDF standard versions supported are: ALL versions. Files can be normal, linearized, password-protected, signed, incrementally updated. - We support many possible PDF content manipulations scenarios, below are a few things that worth mentioning: - Extract, modify and add graph...
Recommended Google client library to access the Google Stackdriver Logging API, which writes log entries and manages your logs, log sinks, and logs-based metrics.
Transient error detection strategies to use with Windows Azure SQL Database, for the Transient Fault Handling Application Block ("Topaz"). This library contains a class library that targets .Net Core 2.0 & .Net Standard 2.0.
Google Stackdriver Instrumentation Libraries for ASP.NET.
Recommended Google client library to access the Google Cloud Speech API, which performs speech recognition.
Package for using Steeltoe management endpoints with ASP.NET Core on Cloud Foundry. **PLEASE NOTE** This package depends on a pre-release version of OpenTelemetry. You may need to add "" to your nuget.config if the package is not found.
Spring Cloud Services Discovery Client