Top 20 NuGet clock Packages

Retrieves CPUs installed on the system and relatives bus, clocks, voltages and temperatures. For dotnet standard.
Analyser for Clock package.
This is a set of simplest JavaScript modules that can help to you organize your framework on ASP.NET (MVC). This is just for a begin your JS-framework. For example: control DataSource - is loader that can data from web API with pager and it cat make selection.
A testable replacement for DateTime.
Xamarin.Android Binding for Arbelkilani's CircularCountdownProgress, an awesome Android View for loading a countdown value.
An IClock interface and default implementation SystemClock to make time-based logic testable.
xUnit tests for netfx-System.Clock
Time-related utility classes that will help in testing apps that rely on dates and times for logic
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Contains native and managed APIs to accress the libpigpio library
Android library which can be used to implement a flipping clock
FlipTimerView library for Android
Provides an abstraction of ISystemClock to assist application testing along with implementations that support 1s and 1ms accuracy.
A lightweight implementation of SystemClock that will help make your applications more testable when dealing with dates and times.
A small debugging helper-class for developers that helps tidying your timing-output.
calculate acute angle between hour and minute hands at (current system time,provided hour and minute,time of Datetime object)
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