Top 20 NuGet client Packages

Library for parsing and serializing DNS messages. Includes a basic DNS client and server. Customized by Eric Candell to allow for use in ACME application.
A jenkins client sdk.
Client for the Policy Server for ASP.Net Core
Client to interact with the Resgrid API to create calls and dispatch personnel. Resgrid is a complete open source solution for first responders, emergency response, fire departments, ems, search and rescue, disaster relief and much more.
A simplified OAuth 1.0 consumer
Client SDK for working with AcceleratXR powered services.
Very simple client for Graylog without a lot of external dependencies
Juhta.Net.WebApi.Exceptions defines Web API exception classes and error response classes for all HTTP client errors (4xx) and server errors (5xx) defined in the System.Net.HttpStatusCode enumeration. This library is a part of Juhta.NET.
QuickPay SDK for .NET Core. Open Source client for QuickPay's API and others deriving from QuickPay such as CoolPay.
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