Top 20 NuGet chatbot Packages

BDD-style testing framework for Microsoft Bot Framework bots
NewRelic module for Noobot framework
Incident Management module for Noobot framework. Allows incidents to be declared and tracked using Azure storage.
ASP.NET Core extensions for Facebook MessengerThreadSettings Platform .NET client. GitHub Repository:
.NET Client for Facebook Messenger Platform. GitHub Repository:
Wit.NET is the C# SDK for
LoadBalancer.Org module for Noobot framework
DNS module for Noobot framework
C# wrapper SDK for the Facebook Messenger Platform 2.1. (
Simple framework for building Facebook Messenger chatbots, built on top of Confy.Chatbot.Messenger.
Cloudflare module for Noobot framework
.NET Client for Facebook Messenger Platform. GitHub Repository:
Turing Robot .NET SDK. 图灵机器人.NET开发包.
A RiveScript interpreter for C# .Net. RiveScript is a scripting language for chatterbot.
Chatbot Elaenia 第三代交談式機器人 開發者可繼承下列Class後外掛到機器人上 1. Sac: 平台欲傳遞給機器人,並由Mission使用的參數集合 2. Simple Mission: 一問一答單一循環的客製化程式執行空間 3. Complex Mission: 多問多答, 多次循環的客製化程式執行空間 4. Introspection: 提供機器人內省記憶,供Mission使用 5. Percept: 提供抽象概念擊中
BLiP host for Windows
AIML Implementation for .net standard 2.0
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