Top 20 NuGet cep Packages

Maoli is a C# helper library for common Brazilian business rules (CPF, CNPJ and CEP). For documentation visit
Avro support for NEsper.
The ViaCep API/WebService client for .NET projects (both .NET Core and .NET Framework)
Extensions of Flunt for Brazilian projects
F# DSL and runtime for Apache Storm topologies
Data handling for SQLite.
Underlying common library for NEsper.
Spreads immutable collections.
Spreads top level library.
Biblioteca .NET para integração dos serviços dos Correios
Data handling for postgresql.
Provides a easy-to-use interface for quering data in CEPAberto ( API. Needs a API key (free after registration) to work. Find postal code, geocoordinates and city information about a postal code or a latitude/longitude data
Grammar library for NEsper.
A compatibility library for NEsper.
Data handling for SQL Server.
Spreads Core library
Canducci ZipCode and AdressCode
NEsper ClearScript Scripting.
NLog specific logger for NEsper.
A component for complex event processing (CEP). NEsper enables rapid development of applications that process large volumes of incoming messages or events, regardless of whether incoming messages are historical or real-time in nature. NEsper filters and analyze events in various ways, and respond ...