Top 20 NuGet cauldron Packages

SharpDX Direct3D9 integration for Cauldron.
A simple MVVM framework based on Cauldron.Core
A wrapper for the System.Windows.Threading.Dispatcher unify the usage for UWP and Win32.
A collection of interceptor implementations.
Provides useful helpers regarding threading
This package adds: - Usefull extension methods to the existing System.Reflection. - A expression base activator which is a lot faster than System.Activator. - Enum DisplayName attribute - addtional meta-data to an enum - Assemblies static class - A "wrapper" for A...
A collection of interceptor implementations.
SharpDX RawInput integration for Cauldron.
Provides usefull implementations regarding network.
Provides extension methods with Windows specific functionalities like GetShortPath and IsNetworkPath
Provides System.IO.Compression.GZipStream extension methods for System.IO.Stream, System.IO.FileInfo, byte array and System.String
Provides an extension for PrincipalContext to impersonate a user.
Provides a randomizer that is cryptographically secure
A collection of usefull methods regarding networks
Contains the following formatter implementations: - ByteSizeFormatter - MetricUnitFormatter
Provides extensions methods for FileInfo, DirectoryInfo and other IO operations
Provides extension methods regarding common convertions.
Provides usefull extension methods
Implementation of IDisposable
Provides a set of methods that help debug code or output errors in compiled dlls.