Top 20 NuGet carbon Packages

Storage primitives.
A modern .NETStandard StatHat client.
Cloud management services.
A simple library for working with JSON.
An ACME V2 client for requesting certificates through Let's Encrypt and other ACME providers.
Data access abstractions for operating a multicloud service.
A simple FormData parser and formatter for .netcore.
Relational database management services.
A lightweight wrapper around the MaxMind GeoIP 2.0 API.
Provides helpers to package up code for deployment.
Media primitives.
Color primitives
TypeScript and CSS compilers.
Media primitives.
.NET Standard library for Javascript Object Signing and Encryption.
Media primitives.
Primitives for operating a multicloud service.
Implements a tar package reader and writer.
Platform management services.
A simple TOML parser for .netcore.