Top 20 NuGet camera Packages

Select or take photos, originally based on media picker from XLabs
Wrapper around camera effect winRT api's to provide a simple interface Barcode Reader. This is Windows Runtime Component for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. Decodes all popular barcode types: Linear, 2D: PDF417 (Micro, Compact), QRCode (Micro), DataMatrix, AztecCode.
A simple 2D camera for Monogame.
Xamarin Forms common UI library Note: all necessary binaries are included in this NuGet package, but if Visual Studio complains about missing references, please clone the repo, and add references manually. The binaries are in the NuGet packages. -Multi Choice, async ready ListView -DateTimePicker ...
Cross platform library to click pictures using camera, pick media files(photo, video and audio) from gallery
Xamarin Binding Library - FastttCamera
Simple ImagePicker (camera and gallery) with cropper for Xamarin.Forms (Android and iOS).
CHIMP camera model
CHIMP camera meta model
CHIMP camera detectors
C# friendly bindings to libgphoto2. (SharpCamera is an easier library to use, BTW.)
Anyline provides an easy-to-use SDK for applications to enable Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on mobile devices. This NuGet package contains the resources for the Anyline Xamarin.iOS SDK. For iOS, the AnylineResource.bundle, which has to be integrated into your Xamarin.iOS app as ...
The Basler pylon .NET API provides a convenient object-oriented programming interface to access Basler cameras. This package allows you to build projects that use pylon .NET API features. To run the resulting program, the pylon Camera Software Suite has to be installed.
A convenient way to control inputs when using EmguCV
Camera Shared Library Custom for Id Card
WPF integration for Nexus.
Epicycle .NET photogrammetry library. Includes: Camera and image models, projections, croping * Details & release notes: * Sources: * G...
An MJPEG network camera client and server for Windows/Windows Phone 8.1 Store apps.
The MetaMedia extension makes it easy to take or choose images from your Android or iOS device. Photos taken will contain any metadata, such as exif data, that the source provides along with the current GPS position. The taken photos will be stored in the native camera / ima...