Top 20 NuGet c# Packages

Yandex.Geocoder API client for C# / .NET
Functional code tool kit for C#
Generate class file library.
Xamarin.Android API Level 28 framework built with C# 8.0 default interface methods
Some useful extensions on system types.
AIML Implementation for .net standard 2.0
A library containing stress tests written in C#
Generic Encoding Library
Create and show a Modern MessageBox with a single code.
A centralized location for cross solution / project functionality.
Most common and usefull helpers and utils for C# developers.
Most common and usefull helpers and utils for C# developers.
A simple library of spells used to calculate grades
Provides functionalities which are commonly used in projects.
A service agnostic chat-based command handling library written in C# targetting .NET 2.0
A .NET dll wrapper over exiftool
A liblinear wrapper for .NET written in C++/CLI for maximum performance.
Abp Asp.Net Core Project Template.
Package Description
The official NotificationsExtensions library from Microsoft. Supports C# and C++ UWP project types (see NotificationsExtensions.Win10.JavaScript for the JS version). Also works with C# portable class libraries and non-UWP C# projects like server projects. Generate tile, toast, and badge notific...