Top 20 NuGet c# Packages

A client library that can be used to connect to Semaphore services from Microsoft .Net framework applications
Microsoft Power BI Core Libraries
Common library for IndieGamesLab components shared between client and server.
NWebDav.Server.AspNet is a flexible WebDAV server library that can be used to expose files or other data using WebDAV hosted via ASP.NET.
C# to TypeScript interface Convert library. You can convert from dll file or assembly. You can select extraction conditions and conversion methods.
A library to create C# object from script.
A library to serialize C# object in XML.
a visual scripting language aka Blueprint for C#.
Library intended as a starting point for creating Business Logic Layer in database oriented applications.
Package Description
Some Class for helping c#
CodeMirror bindings for WebSharper
A simple wrapper in C# for SFDX
Simple .NET library that provides generic web scraping abilities using XPaths.
C# Library to easily make Discord bots
A .NET interoperability library to access the R statistical language runtime from .NET languages. The library is designed for fast data exchange, in process.
C# wrapper for OptiPNG and PNGQuant to compress PNG either lossless or lossy
A set of C# templates for your .Net Core MonoGame game.
Eloquera provides all the inherent advantages of an object database. Build and maintain your applications with unprecedented speed. Built on the .NET platform it uses LINQ and SQL interfaces. Performance is class leading and it is free to use. Eloquera Enterprise Database builds on and enhances the...
NetSqlAzMan is for all Microsoft .NET 4.0 developers that need to manage loosely-coupled applicative authorizations, that is, weakly coupled with source code, in a light and fast way having all these authorizations in a relational database such as MS Sql Server (2000/MSDE/2005/2008/Express).