Top 20 NuGet box Packages

BoxViewClient is a thin http wrapper to interact with's View Api.
Value objects of different kinds of identifiers in Finland.
Helper library for Salesforce Chatter Content cloud storage integration.
A .NET Standard library for boxing any value.
An extension for MVC HtmlHelper class to create POSTable checkbox list on a view, based on the data passed from the view model, or defined locally.
OAuth2 Authorizer helps get the access token for any REST API that implements 3-legged OAuth2 authorization.
MessageBox styled with ExpressionDark Blend theme for WPF. Example usage: DarkMessageBox.Show("I love Bumblebee Tuna!", "Info", DarkMessageBox.Buttons.OK);
Custom WPF controls.
Check Combo Box is a user control combo box in which the items in the dropdown are preceded by a checkbox. As items are checked or unchecked, the Text property displayed above the dropdown is updated
A pure-javascript drop-down checkbox list control for web development. Documentation available at: Issues and bug tracker available at: ...
Custom Text Box
The ToolBox provides helpful APIs, that otherwise would be implemented several times.
An easy and practical Flying Box(PopUp). Contains several properties ColorUI, BorderColor, CloseColor.
Boxing and wrapping objects and structs to get by Value
A beautiful, elegant and easy-to-use Coloredbox (List/Table) with incredible convenience, with multiple colors in title available.
Webhook support for Box in ASP.NET Core.
An extented message box for a Windows Forms applications.