Top 20 NuGet blazor Packages

Helper class to enable url change on Blazor tab index change and mapping url to Blazor tab index.
Excubo.Blazor.TreeViews is a Blazor component library for tree views.
Parser for TypeScript definitions to create C# representations. The package provides three layers type of generators Class Statement, ClassStatement string, and writer based generation.
PatternFly implementation for Blazor.
A powerful .NET framework for building multi-tier web or desktop applications using MVVM pattern.
CSS only live reloader library for ASP.NET Core (includes Blazor).
A JavaScript free library for input masks (based on IMask), for Blazor and Razor Components applications.
A fully customizable and extensible all-purpose diagrams library for Blazor
StateR, pronounced stator, is an experimental C# 9.0-based, Redux-inspired, state management library for .NET.
This pakage was moved: Repo for more information: This is the last version uploaded to this repo
This client library enables working with Jquery and the DOM with Blazor in a modular way see more in you can choose to work with Jquery and DOM individually or in groups using both This library can be used for example to add elements to a div without additions...
Blazor Application Insights
This NuGet package allows you to localize texts in your Blazor app.
AppBuilder and Html Helper to use embeded content files (js and css) in server side Blazor.
Blazorise is a component library built on top of Blazor and CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, Bulma and Material.
A utility library for.Net Core 3.1 to be used with Xpandables.Standard.
Includes a Writer implementation that will generate a C# Project. This should be used with the EventHorizon.Blazor.TypeScript.Interop.Generator project to write out the generated statements to a C# project.
Theme for Apption Elemental.
OneLine.Common is a project that can be used on a server backend as well on client side application that support net standard like xamarin or blazor.
Dialog component as a service for Blazor