Top 20 NuGet blazor Packages

Package Description
A clean code approach to conditional CSS Classes in Blazor Components (Razor Components). When building complex components for ASP.NET Blazor there are often CSS classes generated by multiple factors. Styles can often be added by system & component state, public parameters, and static base CSS class...
Serverless .NET for AWS - App Library
Blazor extension for logging to browser console. Important NOTE: only works for apps using WebAssemly Hosting Model!
Blazor component that can be used for scheduled and periodically repeated tasks to call custom code.
Blazor component that renders an Input, InputText, Textarea or InputTextarea, etc. element with debounced onChange.
Blazor Extensions and Components wrapper to notify on CSS Transition and Animation events.
All components from the BlazorFluentUI library, a blazor clone of the Fluent UI React components
OneLine.Server is a project that can be used on a server backend. This package already includes OneLine.
Same project as : But with possibility to clear all validation messages.
A Razor class library for interacting with the browser Clipboard API. Use in Blazor Server Apps or Blazor WebAssembly Apps.
Dialog component as a service for Blazor
A JavaScript free OpenID Connect PKCE library for Blazor WebAssembly. The received ID token is validated by the component in the client using the OpenID Provider (OP) discovery document. The component automatically handle token / session update with use of the refresh token if the offline_access sco...
This package allow BlazorMobile to be compatible with an ElectronNET server-side Blazor application, so you can use the same project structure and interoping calls either on Mobile (BlazorMobile) and Desktop (ElectronNET)
Foundation 6 components converted as blazor component mixing c# and javascript to control dynamic components
Source Generator for Blazor
GitHub Emoji for Blazor 🐙 :octopus: ➕ :heavy_plus_sign: 🐈 :cat2: ⩵ ❤️ :heart:
The Syncfusion scaffolding command-line is used to work with the database, and generate controller and razor files in Blazor and view files in ASP.NET Core with Syncfusion components. The Syncfusion scaffolding command-line is applicable for Blazor and ASP.NET Core applications. The command-line su...
Server component for IcuBlazor a simple unit test framework for Blazor components.
NETopes ASP.NET Core framework Blazor UI package