Top 20 NuGet biztalk Packages

This component copies message context as commented XML node before the root's closing tag.
Easily mock the communication endpoints of BizTalk integrations for testing purposes.
A automated testing library for testing BizTalk 2010/2013/2016 artifacts.
Fast and easy testing of BizTalk server integrations by mocking the communication to and from them.
This package adds project forlders to a BizTalk project.
This package can be used to simplify pipeline component development.
A project with some helpers for BizTalk projects
MOQDigital empty BizTalk project templates
A set of helper classes for using when building biztalk solutions
Pipeline components to work with Excel
Library for standalone access to tracked messages and properties in BizTalk tracking databases
PipelineComponent that writes context properties to message body. Intended to be used with WebHttp binding.
MsBuild helpers for BizTalk
WCF behaviour to authenticate against Azure AD
Pipeline components to work with Excel
BizTalk components to help with Dynamics CRM integration
Helper classes for tracking component execution.
Helper utilities for BizTalk to be able to communicate with Microservices created using the AppFx.Microservices frameworks envelope pattern
Promotes a specified value to a specified property.
To assist in debugging your BizTalk application during development and even into production, it is often critical to have a mechanism for saving messages to one or more easily-accessible locations. The open-source logging framework Log4Net is one good solution, and the Deployment Framework for BizT...