Top 20 NuGet bing Packages

GMap.NET Windows Forms & Presentation is an excellent open source, powerful, free and cross-platform .NET control. Allows the use of routing, geocoding, directions and maps from Google, Yahoo!, Bing, OpenStreetMap, ArcGIS, Pergo, SigPac, Yendux,,,, NearMap, HereMap, CloudMa...
Bing.Emailing 是邮件操作类库。
A Portable/Universal Class Library wrapper around Bing's location geocoding Rest services
Bing.MockData是Bing应用框架的模拟数据操作类库。 Bing是一个.net core平台下的应用框架,旨在于提升小型团队的开发能力,由常用公共操作类、架构基类、第三方组件封装、第三方业务接口封装等组成。
WP7Contrib services, complete functionality for common tasks such as navigation, location, bing maps rest api wrapper, storage & settings. This assembly is location aware - it makes use of & system.device.location namespaces. Contains the following assemblies: WP7Cont...
This package contains contains the Script.Microsoft.BingMaps assembly that allows you to reference and program against Bing Maps control and mapping APIs when creating HTML5/browser-based applications with Script#.
MapsJS is a free JavaScript library for enhancing the presentation of your data using map visualization. MapsJS is much more than your average map control. It is a comprehensive geospatial JavaScript library for server and client based map rendering, digitizing, and spatial analysis. MapsJS has supp...
Nequeo translator client common component
Implementation of the data sources provided by Windows AppStudio. This library enable access to different data source like RSS, Bing, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.
Bing.Webs是Bing应用框架的Asp.Net Core Web相关操作类库。 Bing是一个.net core平台下的应用框架,旨在于提升小型团队的开发能力,由常用公共操作类、架构基类、第三方组件封装、第三方业务接口封装等组成。
Reverse engineered Microsoft.Maps.MapControl.WPF NuGet package targeted to .NET Core 3.1
C# wrapper for post crawl relevant image classifier
Enables JavaScript Intellisense for the Bing Maps v6.3 Ajax Map Control in Visual Studio.
The JeffWilcox.Maps class library provides a static map control and other utility functions helpful for applications that need to display a map. Supports both Bing Maps, Google Maps, MapQuest and OpenStreetMap.