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This package gives Xamarin.iOS support for Swift4.
Nancy Scaffolding with log, serializer, all structure to work good for me :D
Henooh Framework guidelines provides consistancy and uniform user interface across all Henooh applications and services. HenoohWpfBase is a set of base classes and interfaces to meet the standards of Henooh Framework for WPF Desktop applications. On detailed instructions on how to implement Henooh F...
Package Description
Functional F# library to access Firestore database via Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Firebase Project.
Generic base interfaces needed for implementing a very basic repository pattern in your project.
Abstract base class for PostgreSQL repositories.
Abstract MongoDB repository base class.
Library to create wpf applications with the MVVM pattern.
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Data tables are represented in each separate classes, and columns are represented as properties within a class. Without specific design specifications and guidelines, database tables and columns were created without regard for portability, reuseability or adaptability. Henooh Database Model separate...
It is based on NETCORE. This is the basic class library of the framework, which mainly provides the basic functional support needed for running. At the same time, it also provides rich tools for web development.
Libset for agile software development
Abstractions project contains interfaces that you may use to implement authentication and authorization logic and to transform user claims principal into a rich domain entity.
برای آسان سازی ساختاری در کار با هویت سنجی
برای آسان سازی ساختاری در کار با دیتا
برای آسان سازی ساختاری در کار با قابلیت هویت سنجی
برای آسان سازی ساختاری در کار با دیتا
Useful Types: Container, DefaultContainer, IContainerAdapter
Libset for agile software development